Lee Ann has two new recordings on Audible.  The first is a short work by Dorothy Parker entitled Men I’m Not Married To.  This was produced in cooperation with Spoken Realms.

“In this story, by American writer Dorothy Parker, a woman gives a laundry list of men she’s not married to. She also convincingly states the reasons why she is not and would not want to be married to the various men. Parker’s wit and humor shine through as the eccentricities and foibles of the men are described.”

To listen to the sample and/or purchase, head to Audible here.


Also in cooperation with Spoken Realms, the second recording recently published on Audible is Abraham Lincoln by John Drinkwater.  This is a full-cast production from members of The Online Stage.  Lee Ann plays the part of Mrs. Otherly along with another unnamed woman.

“In survey after survey, Abraham Lincoln is universally ranked as the greatest of America’s presidents, setting standards for honesty, courage, compassion and ethical responsibility. John Drinkwater’s play was the British poet’s first theatrical success, opening in England in 1918 to surprising acclaim and making its way to Broadway in 1919, to even stronger public enthusiasm. It was produced on radio by Orson Wells on August 15, 1938, on his program, The Mercury Theater on the Air. In 1924, a two-reel film version of the play was distributed nationwide, one of the very first sound films, and on May 26, 1952, the play was presented on television on the anthology series Studio One, with film icon James Dean in a very noticeable supporting role.

After a brief poetic prologue, the play depicts six scenes from Lincoln’s life that illustrate key aspects of his remarkable character:

  • His acceptance of the Republican nomination for President
  • The outbreak of hostilities at Fort Sumter
  • Discussions with three very different individuals about the conduct of the war
  • The emancipation proclamation
  • The surrender at Appomattox
  • The assassination at Ford’s Theater

Featuring Ben Stevens as Abraham Lincoln. Additional voices provided by Andrew Coleman, Linda Barrans, Larry Wilson, Ron Altman, Libby Stevenson, Jennifer Fournier, Peter Tucker, Andy Harrington, Joseph Tabler, Marty Kris, Jeff Moon, Russell Gold, Ted Wenskus,Richard Andrews, Nancy German, Lee Ann Howlett, and John Burlinson. Audio edited by John Burlinson.”

To listen to the sample and/or purchase, you can find this production on Audible here.

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