As a member of The Online Stage, Lee Ann participated in two new full-cast productions now available on Audible.

First up is Floyd Dell: A Collection of Plays by Floyd Dell.  This recording consists of 11 of Dell’s plays, including “The Rim of the World” in which Lee Ann plays a role.

To listen to a sample of the recording and/or purchase the collection, head to Audible here.


The second audiobook is a new production of the American classic, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne.  Lee Ann plays the role of Dame 3.

“Scorned by her 17th century New England Puritan village, Hester Prynne struggles to raise her precocious daughter, Pearl, who is the result of an affair and whose father is unknown. Despite being forced to wear a scarlet letter A as a brand for her adultery, Hester tries to live a life of repentance and dignity. Pearl’s father comes forward as he is struggling under the weight of his own shame and sin.”

You can listen to the sample and/or purchase this book on Audible here.


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