Lee Ann was pleased to participate in two new full-cast productions as a member of The Online Stage.

The first one is the seventh book in the Anne of Green Gables series called Rainbow Valley by L.M. Montgomery.  Lee Ann played the roles of Aunt Martha and Mrs. Alec Davis.

Rainbow Valley was written in 1919 by L. M. Montgomery for the series that began with Anne of Green Gables. Anne and Gilbert’s children are growing up! Their new friends, the Merediths, live in the Manse nearby. When the Merediths aren’t playing in the graveyard or riding pigs through town, they meet up with the Blythes to play, fish, and study insects in Rainbow Valley!”

You can listen to the sample and/or purchase the book on Audible here.

The second production is A House of Pomegranates: Four Fairy Tales by Oscar Wilde.  Lee Ann played a role in the story “The Birthday of the Infanta.”

A House of Pomegranates (1891) is a collection of four fairy tales by Oscar Wilde: “The Young King,” “The Birthday of the Infanta,” “The Fisherman and His Soul,” and “The Star Child.” These magical, beautiful, tragic, and cynical tales will charm listeners of any age. Narrated by Noel Badrian, and performed by a full cast.”

You can listen to the sample and/or purchase this book from Audible here.

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