mefrombaileyandmepicLee Ann is a retired university medical librarian who has always had a love for books, fiction and nonfiction alike. She began working as a narrator for Iambik Audiobooks in January, 2011 and also records for Audible/ACX where she is an Audible Approved Producer.  Besides her work for Iambik and Audible, she has volunteered as a narrator for LibriVox since March, 2007 and currently has a number of solos in their catalog.  She has also participated in numerous group projects and poetry readings. Lee Ann’s work ranges from poetry to literary and popular fiction to government documents, newspaper articles and biographies. She is also a published writer of numerous nonfiction articles for children in magazines including Children’s Digest, Boys’ Quest, Hopscotch for Girls, and US Kids.  She lives in the Tampa area with her husband.